How Effective is a Cellulite Body Wrap?

Cellulite Body WrapThe cellulite body wrap has become one of the most popular weight loss methods today. Small wonder, considering that some service providers claim that using this method can cause a reduction of 6 to 20 inches around the body.

Is this treatment truly effective or is this another one of those weight loss fads that actually don’t do anything? This article takes a look at the cellulite wrap, how it works, and how effective it really is.

How does a cellulite body wrap work?

The skin is first exfoliated with a salt scrub or a dry brush. This will prepare the skin, allowing it to absorb more nutrients from the body wrap. Once the skin is exfoliated, the product is applied on the skin. The areas that have been treated with the product will then be wrapped in bandages for about 20 minutes. After the set time, the bandages are taken off and you will be allowed to take a shower to get rid of the formula.

The procedure is based on the principle that weight loss can happen through vasodilation. The process also helps flush out the harmful toxins in your body, which can then improve your metabolism, resulting in even greater weight loss. The skin also gets exfoliated and moisturized through this procedure, which can improve its appearance and texture. True to their name, cellulite wraps will also make cellulite less visible, thus helping you renew your self-confidence.

According to experts, the more times you use this cellulite treatment, the more effective it will be. As such, a person who only uses a body wrap once will not lose weight as much as someone who uses this several times. However, experts recommend that there should at least be a 24-hour interval between each body wrap.

Where to get a cellulite wrap

Cellulite body wraps are often performed in spas. Alternatively, you can perform a body wrap from your own home. You can either purchase a kit from the store or use a DIY method. Some people suggest applying a mud-based formula to the skin after exfoliation before wrapping it in heated ace bandages.

Like other treatment options, the effectiveness of the body wrap will vary from person to person. As such, don’t expect to lose several inches off your body just because your friend experienced these effects. Even so, the cellulite body wrap has been proven to be highly effective, not only in helping people lose weight, but also to help them exfoliate and moisturize their skin.

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